Our Mission

To foster a model medical cannabis industry in Pennsylvania through education and leadership.

Find out how to collaborate with us on educational material and events.

Our Vision

A diverse and sustainable medical cannabis industry in Pennsylvania, known for its exemplary standards, extraordinary products, and compassionate practices.


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Potential Patients


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Membership Services

Connected Members Network

Utilizing the fast transfer of information between it’s members, PAMCS also leverages economies of scale to negotiate group purchasing power, assists in developing strategic alliances and creates economic development opportunities on behalf of medical cannabis industry participants.

Career Advice and Placement

There will be 2500+ jobs that will be coming available in the state of Pennsylvania. Dispensaries are expected to open doors in 2018. Our career member services put our members at the forefront opportunity in a new industry by connecting job seekers with permit holders. 

Product or Service Exposure

As a thought leader, individuals and companies turn to PAMCS for a variety of product and service solutions. Maximize exposure in a new state market by putting PAMCS to work as an extension of your business development and marketing effort.


  • It’s clear that PAMCS has a strong, early foothold in the medical cannabis market that is currently developing in Pennsylvania. They have connected key industry members with policy and decision makers through professional events and clear communication. We’re grateful to help build a successful future for the cannabis community in Pennsylvania with partners like PAMCS.

    Heather Smyth MJ Freeway
  • PAMCS has given us a great platform to introduce our product to the future cultivators and manufacturers within our own state of Pennsylvania. The exposure is phenomenal.

    Luke Stamper Organic Rescue
  • The Pennsylvania Medical Cannabis Society is the first of its kind. Never before has there been an association that has gone far and beyond to create value for their members in a soon-to-be landscape. My hat goes off to them and I am proud to be a member.

    Karen Canton CannabisRadio.com
  • PAMCS has been working in preparation for the upcoming medical cannabis industry for over two years now. They are on the ball and have created amazing value for their members.

    Bill K. Hopewell Organics

Our Services

PAMCS will provide the following services to help extend the reach and impact of our mission:

Education and civic engagement

Because of its storied past, the medical cannabis industry is held to a higher ethical and professional standard. By raising awareness and educating policymakers, industry professionals and the general public, we promote a thriving, compassionate and ethical medical cannabis program in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.

Professional development for medical cannabis

Education is an essential part of a successful and thriving medical cannabis industry. Our educational programs provide industry participants with educational resources and accurate information as they navigate through uncharted territories with time-sensitive, emerging regulations and burgeoning economic markets.

 Lobbying and advocacy at the local and state levels

We understand the complex issues facing the legal medical cannabis community and advocate for the opportunity to build a model medical cannabis program. Our industry experts have their fingers on the pulse of these issues and work closely with key stakeholders to protect the interests of the community.

Cost saving product/service partnerships

At a time when financial outlays are heaviest, PAMCS leverages economies of scale to negotiate group purchasing power, develop strategic alliances and create economic development opportunities on behalf of medical cannabis industry participants.

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