Seeking a Career in the Medical Cannabis Industry?

If you are interested in finding employment in the upcoming medical cannabis industry as an executive, medical staff or workforce member – PAMCS has created an avenue that quickly and effortlessly introduces interested and qualified persons into the market.

Resume and Recruiting Services

PAMCS has developed the largest recruiting network in the Pennsylvania medical cannabis industry. Our members ask, and we provide interested candidates.

Members-Only eNewsletter

With your membership, you will receive access to our eNewsletter with exclusive members-only information and insight.

Access the Largest Industry Network

Leveraging Pennsylvania’s largest medical-cannabis professional data network, PAMCS provides opportunities within in the upcoming medical cannabis industry by providing permit awardees direct access to career member resumes.

PAMCS Career Membership includes:

  • eNewsletter with exclusive members-only information and insight
  • Discounted access to PAMCS events
  • Resume counseling available in-person or via video call
  • Resume and pertinent info added to talent board database for industry permit holders and PAMCS industry members
  • LinkedIn PAMCS Member Company Badge
  • Entry to win a ticket to the Medical Cannabis Award Ceremony Dinner (Fall 2017)

Get Seen First as a PAMCS Career Member

Pennsylvania Medical Cannabis Society has done the heavy lifting and has made it easy to get in front of potential employers in the medical cannabis industry. Industry permit holders will get access to you as a candidate, notifying you if an opportunity exists in your area.


Create opportunity where no opportunity currently exists

We can help identify top-quality talent in the new and fast-paced industry. With PAMCS acting as your personal network system, you can apply with confidence.


Win a trip to the Awards Ceremony

Two Career Members will win a ticket to the big awards ceremony this Fall in Hershey, PA. Get a chance to meet all of the permit winners in one place.


What they’re saying about PAMCS


“The Pennsylvania Medical Cannabis Society is the first of its kind. Never before has there been an association that has gone far and beyond to create value for their members in a soon-to-be landscape. My hat goes off to them and I am proud to be a member.”

Karen Canton, Host on

“We have been working with PAMCS for over 2 months now and our relationship has moved from that of a professional relationship to friends. PAMCS has a great team committed to providing innovative, fun, and informative events.”

Bill K, Hopewell Organics

“Wow, this is an amazing team.”

Private Industry Member, Philadelphia Area

“It’s clear that PAMCS has a strong, early foothold in the medical cannabis market that is currently developing in Pennsylvania. They have connected key industry members with policy and decision makers through professional events and clear communication. We’re grateful to help build a successful future for the cannabis community in PA with partners like PAMCS.”

Heather Smyth, MJ Freeway

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the talent board?

PAMCS has created a place for our members to meet other like-minded business professionals in search of a new career. Our talent board gives industry members the ability to post job openings, with additional functionality allowing PAMCS to act as a private recruitment service. 

What happens when I become a member?

Upon becoming a member, you will be sent a welcome email or link requesting an upload of your resume and other pertinent information. Your resume will be reviewed by one of our staff and entered into the database upon successful review. 

Become a PAMCS Career Member

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