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Welcome to WVMCS

Welcome to The West Viginia Medical Cannabis Society.  It is our mission to foster a model medical cannabis industry across the United States through education and leadership.  It is our goal to raise awareness toward medical cannabis in an effort to get the best quality products and care to those who need it most.  Welcome and thank you!

Russ Cersosimo - Chair

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Our Mission

To foster a model medical cannabis industry in West Virginia through education and leadership.

Our Vision

A diverse and sustainable medical cannabis industry in West Virginia, known for its exemplary standards, extraordinary products, and compassionate practices.

Members Services

Connected Members Network

Utilizing the fast transfer of information between it’s members, MCS also leverages economies of scale to negotiate group purchasing power, assists in developing strategic alliances and creates economic development opportunities on behalf of medical cannabis industry participants.

Career Advice and Placement

There will be 1000+ jobs that will be coming available in the state of West Virginia. Dispensaries are expected to open doors in 2019. Our career member services put our members at the forefront opportunity in a new industry by connecting job seekers with permit holders.

Product or Service Exposure

As a thought leader, individuals and companies turn to MCS for a variety of product and service solutions. Maximize exposure in a new state market by putting MCS to work as an extension of your business development and marketing effort.

Questions about WVMCS?

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